There’s Big Money In SLOW FEED CAT BOWL

Did you know that in between 30-40% of all the felines as well as dogs in the USA are overweight?

Who is responsible?

The cats and also pet dogs or their human care providers? You guessed it, we are. We enjoy our family pets so much, that in an effort to maintain them healthy and also pleased, we are in turn developing health and many other issues.

Overfeeding, pet products lack of exercise and way too many treats are the culprits. The additional weight is as harmful to our family pet’s health as being obese is to our health and wellness.

Nevertheless, our pets do not understand they are overweight and also therefore can not do anything regarding it, we can, nevertheless by changing our ways of feeding them, providing extra exercise and keeping back on additional deals with.

No fad diets here simply simple common sense and less high carbs. Yes, also cats can take advantage of a high protein, some fat and also low carbohydrates. Felines are predators, which indicates they are meat eaters.

Just mentioned an overweight pet cat is eating more than it requires.

Remember even if you have actually had your family pet spayed or neutered is not the factor he/she is obese. Much like humans, excessive caloric intake, absence of exercise and regular aging will add on the extra pounds.

I am not mosting likely to give you the perfect diet plan for your pet cat to adhere to. That is up to you and your veterinarian to choose.

Just as with starting a diet plan for yourself, you should see your medical professional. It is a great concept to see your veterinarian and also ensure your cat is in health as well as ready to begin the slow-moving road to losing weight.

An obese animal ought to have his/her heart and thyroid checked and some small blood work done to see if there are any kind of metabolic troubles.

As you have actually learned from earlier reading, cats are carnivores (meat eaters) and canines are omnivores (meat and also plant eaters). A pet cat’s body works in different ways than a pets as well as care needs to be taken to see that your pet cat is getting all the correct nutrients its body requires while still attempting to lose weight.


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