Signs that your house needs a makeover

Change is the only constant, and houses are no exception to that. No, we are not asking you to relocate or buy a new home! Ah, that gets expensive. Nevertheless, your house can be given a makeover! Not a bad idea, right?

A good makeover even when it comes to your personality gives you a feeling of freshness, and you feel new altogether. It applies when your house gets a makeover (read renovation) too! You feel like you have entered some new space with the same comfort and belongingness that was there before.

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Before you renovate:

  •    Calculate the budget: Do immense cost-comparisons and window-shopping before purchasing stuff. Do not go overboard buying unnecessary items. Stick to the plan!


  •    Find a right contractor: Believe on referrals and word of mouth to find the best contractors for your home. Contractors would give you the best advice in the whole makeover process.


  •    Do proper research: What change are you exactly hoping to see? Collect magazine cut-outs, do all kinds of necessary research and ask your designer to bring it out in real.


  •    Pay attention to details: When renovating your house, pay close attention to the minute works be it related to painting or repair or anything else.


  •    Remember to keep a check: While the makeover work goes on, drop by every day to check the completion of the work, and see if the workers are in the right direction. Do not leave it all up to the third parties!

So, what are the signs that your abode is dying for a makeover? Find out here.

  1.    Messy corners everywhere.

When your house starts feeling cluttered, you use other items like your furniture, or all unnecessary items fill up your house, and you have no space to breathe, it is time to get a makeover.

  1.    Old floorboards.

Notice your floorboards. Are they too old, chipped, broken, or colourless? Well, it is time to get them varnished/repaired/changed then.

  1.    Maybe a natural calamity struck your house!

When you notice a lot of repair work needs to be done in your house, or it is almost on the verge of wear and tear, and all bad things are happening to your sweet little home, tell yourself, your house needs a makeover!

  1.    You feel too hot inside your house!

It could be due to faulty ventilation, wrong placement of windows, or a low ceiling or anything else. Try giving your house a dramatic window treatment in the form of ‘binds.’ An air conditioner or an electric fan could also help. Find out what would be right for your house. Talking about window treatments, your curtains can also help to change the overall look of your house. Real-wood shutters lightly shaded binds, panels with no or little pleating are heavily in demand now!

  1.    The paints start to chip from the walls.

Before painting, if your walls were not properly cleaned and primed, the colours start to peel off real soon. Again, if the paint looks too old on the walls and they start peeling off, it is time to get your walls repainted. Choose the best colours (could be bold or neutral or anything of your choice) according to your preference to add new shades to your walls.

  1.    Attack by termites!

Can you hear hollow sounds from your wooden furniture? The possibility is termites have attacked your house. You could think of replacing the wooden furniture if your budget permits, or you could merely get effective pest control done every 4-6months.

  1.    The colour of your house does not excite you anymore.

If the colours of your wall look drab and dull, it is time to get your house a colour makeover! The walls of your home do a lot of talking about you, and hence the colour scheme of your rooms should keep you excited.

  1.    It has been a decade since you last renovated.

Experts feel one should redecorate their spaces every 10-15 years to keep the spark of their house alive. If your budget also improves in that period, there is no reason not to get a renovation done. Right?

  1.    Your guests choose to stay in a hotel.

This is the ultimate sign that you should get a makeover done. Maybe your house is so messy, cluttered and annoying, that your guests prefer staying in a hotel than your residence! Do not let this happen. Make your home welcoming by getting a makeover.



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